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The Downsides Of Teleworking

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tdotwARE YOUR OFFICE-BOUND COWORKERS green with envy–or resentment–because you telework? Working at home may be your temporary reprieve from office politics, but it’s not always “business as usual” when you return to the main office. If your colleagues’ resentment festers, it can be the downfall of your telework program, but there are ways to help your office mates accept your work schedule.

The Bitter End

For Pam Waterman, a senior technical marketing writer for Bolt Beranek & Newman Inc., a computer software and hardware company located in Cambridge, Mass., she became aware of resentment over her teleworker status after the birth of her first child. Waterman and a fellow coworker–also a new mom and an engineer who worked in a different department–worked out an arrangement with their respective supervisors to work from home the same two days every week. On those days, they split childcare and work time. But soon after implementing the change, Waterman and her fellow teleworker felt the same chilly reception from their coworkers: Despite the 40- …

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