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Get Smart With Negotiation

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gsnIN THE THREE YEARS THAT FARLA BINDER has run her home-based entertaining coaching and consulting business, she’s tapped into the professional negotiating skills she learned during the 25 years that she operated Creations By Farla, a Los Angeles-based corporate-party-planning company. Her philosophy? She believes in her product and her ability to deliver value; for those reasons, she stands by her fee. If clients ask her to lower her fee, Binder gets creative so she doesn’t look like she’s caving in to those demands. For example, Binder will offer less consulting time for less money, or she’ll offer a menu of services. That way clients can feel more in control of the fee.

“I don’t compromise on my prices,” says Binder. “However, by giving them a menu, I am giving them choices. But I don’t allow clients to negotiate on the menu’s fees.”

And in fact, according to small business idea generator, a site that helps new entrepreneurs with market research, pricing is a major factor in the failure, …

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