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Avoiding Scams Is Less Tricky Than You Think

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asiltA HOME-BASED BUSINESS OWNER, YOU HAVE A RISK-taking attitude that can culminate in great profits. Alas, this pioneering spirit can also tempt unwary home officers into the jaws of a wide variety of scams, schemes, and nefarious business deals spawned by modern-day Fagans. But if you’re forewarned, and exercise some caution and common sense, most of them can be avoided.

“The work-at-home, make-big-money, buy-large-cars, I-will-tell-you-how-to-make-it-rich-overnight multi-level-marketing offers are largely schemes, if not scams,” says Lindsey Krause, who worked in the corporate marketing department of a multilevel marketing company (MLM) for more than a year before she discovered its unsavory business tactics and quit. (Krause asked us not to reveal her real name for fear of reprisals.) She says hundreds of people left the company each month, disillusioned and broke, while a core group collected outrageous sums of money.

The bait comes in many forms–savings on office supplies, incredible sales, membership in exclusive trade organizations. And despite the dire warnings of attorneys general and consumer groups, people still fall prey to …

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